Two adrenaline-junkie electrons find a new thrill-ride

Life was just great until those awful flatscreens took over the world. There was not just always something to do, but doing it was pure adrenaline. Kev and Jewell are free electrons and will do anything for a thrill. They are adrenaline-junkies. For decades, they sated their thrill-craving by flying through cathode ray tubes (CRT), a.k.a. TVs.

For them, each TV was a thrill ride and life, a series of amusement parks. They would queue up, fly through the vacuum at high speeds, splat against the inside of the glass, make fun of the humans constantly staring at them (they never seemed to move!), high five, shout again!, and then get back in line for another flight.

Then dark times came. Flat-panel displays took over. Since then, they have been two incredibly bored electrons.

All that is about to change.

Join Kev & Jewell as they find ebeam (short for electron beam) and get back in the flying game. Imagine their surprise when they learn that they will not be making images anymore. Watch the trailer to find out what happens.

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