What is Kev & Jewell?
Kev & Jewell is an animated series to be produced in 15 to 20 minute episodes, 8 to 10 episodes per season, and multiple seasons. Feature films are also possible. The animation is highest-quality 3D.

Who are Kev and Jewell?
The main characters are two adrenaline-junkie electrons, a teenage male, Kev, and a teenage woman, Jewell. For the purposes of storytelling, emotions, and character growth, Kev and Jewell, as well as all the electrons and other particles, are depicted in human form. The story chronicles their adventures as they discover a new thrill, electron beam (ebeam for short).

What is the goal?
Primary goal: Entertainment for all ages.
Secondary goal: Science education for all ages.

The actions and interactions of the characters with each other and with their surroundings will be (more or less) technically correct, therefore the audience will learn something about physics and chemistry, but not at the expense of the story.

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