Business Development is a big term. Ask 10 people what Business Development is and you will get 10 different answers. I will answer the question by making an analogy to an orchestra. Whereas a salesperson might be a violinist or one of the other virtuosos, a business developer is more like the composer and conductor combined into one body.

It is entrepreneuring, intrapreneuring, branding, research, marketing, selling, innovating — whatever it takes to build a business. We write new stories and get all the virtuosos and divas to play together to create something beautiful. Here is just part of the menu of services:

Business Development
Start with as little as a just the desire to do something new and build a business. Sure, the ship and the star help get us to the destination, but it was the yearning to travel that compelled us to build a ship in the first place.

Strategy Development
Once you know what the next trick is, you’ll need to show the stakeholders how you will execute. It is invaluable to have experience from other industries when creating the strategy. We bring that.

Digital Marketing & Communication
Every step of the way, we are thinking about how we will communicate the new initiative in a way that will scale. Once it is ready, we make a lot of noise.