Star factory.

You landed here because you want to form your next star.
Either you are asking yourself, “What can we do next? What is our next big thing?”


You are asking yourself, “We have this great idea. How can we make a business out of it?”
IRB exists to bring you from nebula to star.

Dream. Implement. Thrive.

You can do exciting new things with your existing technology or neighboring technologies.
There are always gaps in the market. We identify gaps in the market and go after them.

You have successfully built up strong market access. Let’s do more with it. We can push new products and technologies through it.

Our uniqueness:


We live at the intersection of Dream and Implement.

Some are dreamers, but stumble with implementation.
Some can implement anything, but cannot come up with the next trick.
IRB is experienced at doing both.

When you work with IRB, you plug into an international network of innovators and experts. Together, we have brought a list of “world’s firsts” to the market; from products to platforms to business models. They all started as crazy ideas and now they are here. The thrill of the frontier… this is why we get up every morning and do what we do.

How it works:

Parallel Processing.

First we augment your team, working independently to bring the big surprises.
Then we merge the results, pick the winners, and the embedded IRB team implements WITH you.
We row together in the same boat.

Full immersion is the key.

There is more to the success of a new venture than just the product. IRB takes a holistic approach to it all.

Business Development: Build the case, find the tech, the users, and the partners.

Strategy: Create the vision. Write the script that everyone can get behind.

Build Consortia: Go far. Go together.

Branding: Live the story.

Digital marketing: All stakeholders will know the story.


Together, we find and implement the solutions for the greatest challenges of our time.


Dream. Implement. Thrive.

By using our own, state-of-the-art business development methods, we help our partners
create their next star.


BUSHIDO (the samurai code)
Walk the talk. (Ein Mann, ein Wort.)

“Yes, AND…” replaces “Yeah, but…”

The curious continuously expand their comfort zones. The bigger the comfort zone, the more one can innovate.

Artists and business people are the true ambassadors of the world.

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

Making it fun is a worthy end in itself. It is also a key factor to accelerate the speed of adoption.


#1 Do things that scale.

#2 Instinct is faster than process.

#3 Character over experience.

#4 Optimize for the well-being of the group and the individual.

#5 Occam’s Razor: the simplest solution will have the best chance of success.

#6 Hire the best talent, then either support them or stay out of their way.

#7 Look for solutions outside one’s industry.

#8 What would Captian Kirk do?

#9 Look for “THE BLUE FACTOR”.
Is it a benefit for the planet and society?
Is there a business case?
If the answer to both questions is yes, INVEST! Then go full throttle.

#10 Inspire:
Does this inspire you?
Does it inspire others?

Lead from the front.
3D over 2D.
VR over 3D.


  • ebeam Technologies
  • Ziemer Opththalmic Systems
  • YXLON International
  • Claymount


Ian Ravenshaw Bland

“Are you thinking the possibilities for your business are exhausted, and your only hope for growth for all eternity is the growth of the market?  This is the case for many companies, even when they are desperately looking for more creativity and innovation.  If you want to free yourself from this situation, if you want to have completely new perspectives about the possibilities of your company, then engage Ian Bland.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ian in different companies for almost two decades and I’ve always been amazed at how quickly he adapts to new technologies, new markets, and how quickly he comes up to speed to have peer-to-peer discussions with experts.  This is only possible with a strong instinct for the right contacts and the ability to make these contacts in a short time.  No matter where in the world these contacts are, Ian is able to build up a network in the shortest possible time.  Please be warned, if you work with Ian, more breathtaking business opportunities will come to the table than you can handle.  Ian will not only make your market cake bigger, he will find new cakes.  I would give Ian a targeted business development mandate at any time.”
Martin Hess

Ian is an exceptional talent for developing business visions and implementing them for the benefit of his clients.  He has developed his own methods and skills in business development over decades and applies them in an artful, clever way.  Over the past 15 years, we have developed several global businesses into market leadership together.
Charles Flükiger